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Six tips to determine when it’s time to paint home exteriors in North Carolina

When painting the exterior of a house, it is imperative to use only high quality materials. This is specifically important when doing so in NC due to the full range of climate we receive on a yearly basis. Our high temperature summers and low temperature winters can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior, not to mention all the different types of precipitation that we receive. The quality of the paint will play a large part in determining when you need an update, because the paint is the first line of protection from the elements. Even consistent sunlight can shorten the lifespan of a quality paint job in NC.

Ensuring your home is protected from all weather conditions is clearly important, however the appearance of your home must also be considered. Your exterior is the first thing that people see as they visit or pass by your home. You want to maintain its exterior so your home is viewed well in the community.

The issue, of course, is that most homeowners are confused about when to paint or repaint the exterior of their homes. Below are six clues that the life of your existing paint job is ending and it is time to hire NC painters. Also, below are some general timelines for when to paint your home again based on your home’s exterior surface.

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How often to paint your NC house exterior

Many professionals recommend painting the exterior of your house every 5-10 years. However, there is no true answer, because too many factors will determine when the time is right to paint again. These factors include location, weather elements, the prior paint job, number of coats were previously applied, and many more. As we noted above, we are subject to severe weather elements in NC. We may need to paint our exterior more often than a homeowner in a region that is not subject to such weather.

Clues to look for that it's time to paint

Many clues are easy to identify and you can quickly surmise that your paint job needs to be redone. This would be when you notice things like chipped or peeling paint. However, we will discuss some clues that are not as obvious.

Your exterior paint is faded or discolored

When paint is fading, it can mean more problems for your home than its appearance. Many times, this can be an indication of other issues, including the paint itself. Paint that is exposed to consistent sunlight will fade over time. However, you could be faced with a larger issue if the fading paint is on the shady side of your home. This could indicate problems with water penetrating into the paint layers. To troubleshoot this, look for water stains coming down the side of your home. You want to be sure this is taken care of by an expert. After the water issue is resolved, you can go ahead and repaint the surface.

Over years of consistent sun exposure, paint will discolor. This affects both the quality and appearance of the paint. The color of choice you selected for your exterior a few years ago is likely now a completely different shade. If this is the case, you want to use UV/fade resistant paint for your next update.

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Your exterior paint is cracked, flaking, bubbling

Many houses in NC have cracking, flaking or bubbling paint because of our rough weather conditions of high summer temperatures and low winter temperatures. It is important to take a closer look because this could be an indication of damaging wet or dry rot, or perhaps even mold. These damaged materials must be replaced before painting because paint will not adhere to compromised materials, such as rotted wood.

You have shrinking, discolored or hardened caulk

You might want to repaint if the caulking around your window or doors is no longer fully in tact. Caulk expands and contracts with the weather and can become damaged. It may shrink or lose its color. Fortunately, replacing caulk is typically part of the job provided by a NC painting contractor and not a separate job requiring a separate contractor.

Your home is losing its curb appeal

This one is simple - you just need to look at your house. If its appearance is fading due to an aging paint job, it is time to have it painted. A new paint job will increase its appearance, protect it from the weather elements, and increase its value on the market.

Your home is new

Believe it or not, you should consider painting your home if it is new. This is because building contractors sometimes take shortcuts to save money and only apply one coat of paint to the new home. They are interested in making the home look nice in the short term in an effort to sell it. They are not interested in protecting it for the long term. This one coat of paint is not likely to last very long, so you should look into having it done properly.

Your exterior paint has not begun to chip or peel

Think about how long it has been since your last paint job. If it has been several years, you should consider having it painted again by a professional NC painter. This can be done before it starts to show the typical signs of aging, such as chipping and peeling. The reason to do this before signs of aging is that it makes the new paint job easier and less expensive. It removes many hours of work by the contractor to scrap, caulk, and replace damaged materials.

General guidelines on when to paint your exterior based on its surface

  • Siding (Wood) - usually good for 3-7 years, or 4 years when it has been stained

  • Siding (Aluminum) - typically good for around 5 years

  • Stucco - expect paint to last for about 5-6 years

  • New materials - these usually last longer; for example, cement fiberboard siding is usually good for as long as 10-15 years

  • Brick - when it’s painted, typically 15-20 years

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