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The Seven Best Paint Colors for Your North Carolina Basement

You might have a very clear idea in your head on how you want your home to look. You might also have a good idea of what you want for each room and the designs and decor that will go into them. However, a possible exception to this might be your basement. The basement can easily be overlooked and you might be confused on how to use this space. As you think about how to design your basement, think about the purposes it serves and the activities that you do most often there. It can serve many purposes, including everything from a home gym to a home office.

When you consider the activities that will occur in the basement, it is easier to formulate an idea in your head about how to design it. Darker colors are typically better served for basements that are used as media rooms or bedrooms. Conversely, neutral colors are better served for basements that are used as peaceful getaways from the rest of the house. Perhaps your basement is used as a playroom or game room setup, in which case livelier colors may work well.

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What also helps is to consider the amount of light you get in your basement. Your basement might receive a lot of light through numerous windows and/or doors. On the other hand, it could have virtually no windows or doors and receive very little light. In this case, you might want to add a good amount of artificial light. Good amounts of light, whether natural or artificial, will greatly increase your options and give you a wider array of paint colors to choose from.

It greatly simplifies the process when you determine how you will use your basement and how much light it receives. To ensure you get it right, you want to order color swatches or even samples for the paint colors on your shortlist. When you see it on the wall, you can make adjustments to either the paint color or the lighting.

When you get the color right, you set just the right character for your basement regardless of activity. Below are seven paint colors that are sure to work with just about any basement.

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Bright White is always your friend

A bright white is a surefire way to lighten up areas like the basement that might receive little light. It also opens up many options for your furnishings. You can go for a monochromatic look by incorporating mostly white furnishings. You can also go for adventurous colorful furnishings that will easily stand out against the bright white backdrop.

Suggestion: Benjamin Moore - Super White OC-152

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Gray is on fire right now

In the past few years, gray paint colors have made a strong surge in popularity. Its popularity does not stop at the basement, where its shades offer a classic twist to bring any living area or home office to life. To emphasize that classic look, go with neutral furnishings on the floor and walls. To kick it up a notch, you can go with bold colors for your furnishings, such as deep reds, blues, or even greens.

Suggested Gray: Sherwin-Williams - Mindful Gray SW 7016

Cream can work a lot like a white

Creams can serve as off-whites, because they typically lie between white and beige. They are also geared toward a classic look and sets that calm theme for the basement. Cream works in just about any area with activity, including home offices, media rooms, or even laundry rooms. Feel free to go with just about any style or color decor, as just about everything works with creams.

Suggested Cream: Farrow & Ball - White Tie

Navy Blue can give you some "pop"

As we mentioned, your color selection can be affected by the amount of light in your space, therefore dark colors are often a difficult choice. They will do little to brighten up the space. However, if you have ample natural or artificial light, navy blue might be just what you are looking for to add a little pop. It can make a statement for the room without going too far. You can also help brighten things up a bit with more neutral designs for your wall art and window coverings.

Suggested Navy Blue: Sherwin Williams - Naval 6244

Light blue also works

Dark, bold blues often come to mind first when you think of blue colors. However, blue does not have to be bold. Light blues can work well for many spaces, including basements. Light blues exude a relaxing feeling and work well if you plan to use your basement as a relaxing getaway from the rest of the house.

Suggested Light Blue: Sherwin-Williams - Watery SW 6478

Green has all those shades

We have to admit that green is pretty cool. There are many shades of green, making it one of the more versatile color options for your basement. There is a reason that Johnny Cash sang about the “Forty shades of Green.” You can go with lighter shades if you are using the basement as an office, media area, or relaxing area. Darker shades are better suited for playrooms or bedrooms. If you want to mix it up a bit, try using a lighter shade for most of the walls and then use a darker shade for a bold accent wall.

Suggested Green: Behr - Spice Garden M370-3

Perhaps yellow?

Yellow is not a very common color, but is there good reason for that? It is bright. It is energetic. It gives off a positive vibe. Look to the smaller furnishings in the basement to work with the yellow paint color. For example, you might be using the basement as a living space. In this case, you can go with a neutral color for the couch, but look for more adventurous couch pillow colors to compliment the yellow walls. Other ways to enhance the yellow walls include window dressings, wall art, and rugs.

Suggested Yellow: Benjamin Moore - Morning Sunshine 2018-50

Tip: Think about painting your basement floor add an extra layer of color.

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