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Online tools to help with your paint color selection

We all know that it can be quite a task to figure out what paint color is best for our project. You probably have an idea of what you want, but how can you be confident that it is right for your space considering there are literally thousands of paint color options to choose from. The swatches many of us are used to seeing are so small, that it is hard to picture the color on your wall - never mind how it might work for the entire room.

Well, there is good news. Technology has advanced to the point where there are now online tools that will help you with your selection. Even we were impressed with these cool tools.

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Paint Color Exploration Tools

Although there are many paint color tools online, they all boil down to two types. The first is the color exploration tool. This is essentially viewing color swatches online. You can easily browse all the color options and pick the one(s) that you like best. Often, the tool will show you a furnished room where the wall color will change to the color that you currently have selected. This provides a much better idea of how the color will look in your space as compared to just looking at the swatches themselves.

Check out this tool from Sherwin Williams.

It is a great way to find inspiration and narrow down the colors you want. You'll probably want to try multiple colors with different sheens and hues to ensure you pick the right one. Keep in mind that colors can vary based on the resolution of your computer or phone screen.

After you select your colors, you can get free swatches or even samples of the paint to confirm it is the color for you.

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Paint Color Visualization Tools

The second online tool that we recommend is the paint visualizer tool. This also is very helpful because you can view color options without leaving your home. The great part with this tool is that it allows you to upload a picture of your space that you are looking to paint. Once you upload the picture, you can choose a color and your photo will be immediately updated with that color.

Check out the tool here.

Using the tool enables you to determine the color you want very quickly. It also has another cool feature. After you choose the color you want, the tool will email you your selection along with the updated image. Now, you have the option of sending it to friends or family from whom you would like to receive advice or feedback. Or perhaps you just want to brag about your awesome color selection. Additionally, you can post the picture on social media. Ultimately, it helps you with identifying and purchasing the colors you choose for your space.

Personal Color Consultation

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