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How to select the best white paint colors for your walls

You've probably heard that a room with all white walls can seem sort of boring. However, if the painting is done properly, a white room can be as invigorating and inspiring as a room that is filled with many colors. It can be the alternative option that you are looking for to spruce up any room in the house. To do it right, it all comes down to selecting the right shade of white color.

You may be asking if you should even consider going white for your space. The answer could very well be yes. It is often a great option for your walls when you are looking to highlight other components of the room. This is particularly true when you have colorful or bold furniture you would like to show off. It doesn't stop there, it can also be great for other accents or artwork in the room that you would like to showcase.

There is a reason that the white paints section has more options that any other color. People choose white because it its versatility to be used in just about any space. However, this is also a problem because all of the options make it more difficult to make a color selection.

White simply works for most rooms in the house. It gives off a clean and fresh feeling. It is also the most reflective color, which can be essential when reflecting light that enters from windows in your home. It is also the most versatile of just about any color, particularly when you are considering a paint color for your walls. It seems that regardless of the room or decor, from old school to modern, white just works. White walls can also help bring out the personality in your floors. How's that for an added bonus?

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White walls can also make your room appear larger than when the walls are painted with dark colors. This can be quite useful if you are looking to sell or rent your property as potential renters or buyers come to view your space. This can also be very powerful when selecting a color for a commercial space. White wall can give an office the extra lift it needs.

Additionally, clean white walls often give you the ability to determine how you want to go about decorating your room. It is typically easier to experiment with colors for your furnishings against white colors than walls painted with dark colors.

One important aspect that is often overlooked is the way that light will impact your room. For this reason, it is advised that you consider the direction in which your room faces. This direction can affect your choice of white paint.

Paint considerations for when your room faces north

Rooms with windows that face north typically lack full sunlight during the day. They receive relatively little sunlight and can be darker and colder than other rooms in your house. This is why neutrals will work best when the room faces north. A creamy white or yellow base are great choices here. Its warm undertones are sure to make the room appear larger and brighter. You want to stay away from bold whites or colors that could be considered gray.

Paint considerations for when your room faces south

Contrary to north facing rooms, south facing rooms typically get strong natural light throughout the entire day. They offer the most options when it comes time to decorate. If you have many windows and no issues with sunlight, your options are opened up a bit. You can go with a white that has a darker undertone, such as gray or blue. The cooler base can help to offset the high level of sunlight coming into the room.

On the other hand, you many not have many windows in your south facing room. In this case, you want to choose something different. To maximize the natural light, you can select a warmer white.

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Paint considerations for when your room faces west

Rooms that face west typically get the most natural light at the middle hours of the day. To choose the white that works best for these rooms, it is helpful to consider what you will be doing in that room. A room that faces west will be darker in the morning hours, so pick a white with warm undertones, such as a cream or blush white. This will help with the morning grayish light.

Paint considerations for when your room faces east

Rooms that face east get very good morning sunlight. This clean and bright light can provide your room with a nice glow. This type of light will enhance cool and neutral paint colors. Basically any shade of white can work here.

Time to paint the ceilings

Sure, this blog is mostly about walls. However, we're fairly certain your room also has a ceiling. This is not a general article on what color to paint your ceilings. Instead, we discuss specifically what color to paint your ceilings when your walls are white.

When your walls are white and your ceiling has a flat, smooth surface, you can go with a milder color, like a light peach, a sky blue, a light gray, or even a soft yellow to provide the room with an airy feel.

Choosing the best paint tone for your walls and ceilings is essential. Don't go it alone. The last thing you want is to end up with something that does not work for the room. Hire our experienced painters to guide you in your color selection and provide a professional result.

Quick tips:

  • White will feel bright and clean

  • A hint of blue or gray can keep it from feeling cold

  • White may reflect your environment. For example, expect green to bleed into your room if you are surrounded by many trees

  • Consider a warm white for spaces that are more traditional or rustic

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