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Drywall in your home is likely to become damaged by regular wear and tear it receives over time. Perhaps you even had an event that resulted in significant damage to your drywall, such as water damage caused by flooding. Our painters in NC can quickly make the determination whether you are better off repairing or replacing your existing drywall. Either way, we will provide walls with a smooth, clean surface that are ready for painting and we will greatly improve the appearance of your home.

Our NC painters are ready for your project. Contact us to repair your drywall and bring the shine back to your home.

NC Drywall Repair Experts

It is fairly obvious that damaged drywall does not look good. However, it is a mistake to think that simply slapping on some spackle will fix the problem. Remember that imperfections in the drywall repair will likely show through after the wall is painted. Our professionals will ensure your walls are fixed the right way and bring them back to a smooth finish that will look great after they are painted. 

We can fix any drywall problems, including:

  • Water damage

  • Mold

  • Holes of any size

  • Panels that have shifted

  • Scuffs from banging into wall

  • Damage from foot traffic

  • Rodents


Our NC painters stop at nothing to give you a great result. Many of our customers have drywall that needs to be fixed as a part of the project. We will inspect your walls and determine if any repairs need to be done before starting the project. We always strive to provide the best looking result possible for your home.

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Service Areas

We are proud to serve all of North Carolina, including the following areas:

Serving All of NC

Big Brush Painters was started to provide excellent residential and commercial painting services in North Carolina that customers can depend on for hard work at an honest price.

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