Service concept

Meeting the needs of customers is the whole point of value paid by general scientific and technological personnel, and realizes its commitment to customers through product quality, service and cost performance. Our company actually implements a three-year warranty for mobile lighting products and a seven-year warranty for fixed lighting products, and sets up service agencies in various provinces and cities across the country to ensure the effective implementation of services. But we also emphasize that frequent after-sales service is not our pursuit. Excessive after-sales service will definitely bring high service costs, and consumers will ultimately bear the burden. Therefore, our company first pursues the continuous improvement of product quality, at the same time supplemented by guaranteed after-sales service. To this end, our company is committed to providing users with superb professional technology and comprehensive and thoughtful services, and has established a complete service system. Our company solemnly promises the following services:
One, service commitment
(1) Shenzhen General Technology Co., Ltd. promises a seven-year warranty for fixed lighting products (including gas discharge lamp ballasts provided for not less than three years Free warranty period, the light source provides a warranty period of not less than 1 year), and mobile lighting products are guaranteed for three years.
(2) If there are any quality problems during the warranty period of the product, there is no charge for replacement parts materials and maintenance costs to ensure the normal use of the product.
(3) When the warranty period is exceeded, only the material cost of the replaced parts will be charged (when the material cost changes, the user unit will be notified as soon as possible) ), No longer charge any other fees.
(4) After purchasing the product, establish a product usage file and manage and use the lamps together with the customer.
Second, limited-time service
On-site service within 12 hours after receiving a call from or on the demand side, special circumstances not exceeding 24 hours.
Three, training services
When the product is in use, go to the door for professional training in product installation and maintenance.
(1) Introduce and explain the performance characteristics of the product.
(2) Train the installation knowledge according to the working environment combined with the instruction manual.
(3) Explain the knowledge and precautions for the correct use and maintenance of lamps.
Four, telephone service
Telephone return visit service to the department that uses our company ’s products every month, and can also provide on-site service to meet the needs of the user.
Fifth, regular inspection and maintenance services
(1) Patrol quarterly to check the use of lamps.
(2) During the maintenance period every year, our company carries out the elimination of luminaires to keep the luminaires in the best condition during the work.
VI. Resource Guarantee
In order to better serve customers, Shenzhen General Technology Co., Ltd. has set up a business department in Huaibei City since 2008, with 3 regional after-sales personnel , Provide fast and thoughtful value service for the demand side at any time.
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