As an organization, the company ’s actions should bear strict compliance with the law, a high degree of business ethics, respect for traditional culture, and attention to sustainable development. Social responsibility. At the same time, building a harmonious consumption environment that is safe, fair in transactions, and attaches importance to energy conservation and environmental protection is the basis and necessary condition for achieving a win-win situation for the government, enterprises, and consumers. The way of thinking and behavior of an enterprise directly leads to the predictable results produced by the existence of the enterprise, and its corresponding social contribution. Advocating a high sense of social responsibility has always been the source of all core concepts of General Technology.
Master Training: Responsibility Honor Style National
Mission: Create a century-old ethnic enterprise in the field of lighting
Achievement of a century-old enterprise, showing enterprise confidence , Calm, innovative and endless. It must possess three advanced abilities: learning ability, cohesive ability, innovative ability, and a passion for the motherland, employees, and partners (customers, suppliers). Personnel change in the long history of history, but the cause is eternal. Building a century-old enterprise is our ideal and pursuit, and it will be a long journey of hard work.
Vision: > Using technology to create a harmonious light environment and achieve a global high-tech application leading brand group
Values: > Unity and cooperation for performance
By adhering to the initial development funds of the enterprise Focusing on financing, the principle of combining development with capital to promote development in the medium term, advocating reform and innovation, emphasizing the spirit of collective solidarity and cooperation to achieve the company ’s medium and long-term goals in stages, the company pays attention to serving customers with a sincere and fair attitude. Promote equality and respect for everyone within the enterprise. Promote self-management, self-control and results-based management in actual work, promote moderate change, do not easily dismiss employees, nor blindly expand the scale, adhere to a loose and free working environment, and strive to cultivate a democratic, hard-working and tenacious work style around goals . GM advocates sincerity and solidarity internally, does not participate in unnecessary disputes and conflicts, emphasizes harmonious coexistence with the social environment, and strictly abides by the law.
View of life: strong> Willing to give happy work and enjoy life
Build long-lived general technology and general technology People must not only live but to work happily, but also to live happily. As the beneficiaries of human society, our company and individual employees should happily repay starting small and doing their jobs well. Material abundance can only meet the basic needs of our lives. Only willingly giving can bring us happiness, only working happily can bring us glory, and only living happily can bring us hope for a better life in the future.
Methodology: Simplify complicated things, do the simple things in the end
"Simplify complicated things, The simplicity of "doing simple things to the end" is the management idea of general technology. The essence of simplicity is to look for laws in everything, to falsify the truth, to take the rough, and to get the best from the other. On the basis of truly grasping the essence of the problem, taking efficiency as the starting point, the pursuit of solving problems in the most concise, most direct and most effective way, and minimizing the waste of resources. The development law of objective things shows that the direction is correct, and good results come from the correct way of doing things. Simplifying complicated things and doing simple things in the end is a scientific way of doing things. It is a method to eliminate interference factors and quickly find and solve problems. Based on the above management ideas, thus guiding the formation of our system culture.

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